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The Universal Church of God [Global Ministries) is a worldwide 501 (c) (3) nonprofit Christian Organization managed by business and professional leaders that spreads the message of the Good News with believers and nonbelievers alike, sharing the love of God for all his children, and serving the less fortunate in our community through our many humanitarian relief efforts services.

Our Mission as followers of Jesus Christ is called by Christ to be:

1. A Welcoming Community
2. A Witnessing Community
3. A Worshiping Community
4. Bringing the Message of Hope, Grace and Restoration of Faith through Jesus Christ.

* To offer God worship which is both lively and dignified
* To offer welcome and care to all, regardless of age, status, gender, ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation, ability or disability. To stimulate one another to grow in our faith and develop our discipleship.
* To work with our fellow Christians in our neighborhood and communities and share with others our experience of God's love.

Our Vision is to Worship God as known in Jesus, seek His will and draw those around into a close relationship with Him. Offer the opportunity for people of all ages to grow in faith and discipleship.

Our strategy is to:
1. Offer the opportunity for people for all ages to grow in faith and in discipleship.
2. Encourage ethical standards in all vocations.
3. Offer an open community which values every individual.
4. Offer a safe place for all.
5. Work in partnership with other groups in the community as appropriate.
6.Work in partnership with other local churches whenever possible.



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